Text is an option, not mandatory. For example, you can skip this field if you only need a picture engraving. If so, choose "No text" in the next "Select a font" option.

There are no extra costs for engraving any text. So basically, the amount of wording is unlimited. However, be aware that a two full-page poem will not fit in an 8-inch square mirror!

Therefore we always advise our customers to make a draft first. In a program such as Microsoft Word, you can set the size of an actual page. So if you intend to order an 8-inch square, create a document in Word and set the page size to 8 inches by 8 inches. Select a well readable font size and make a draft.

Layout instructions

Use the "Text-box" only for the plain text that we have to engrave. If you need to give us instructions for your writing, use the Instructions field. There you can enter directions for layout, formatting, or a specific custom font request. Alternatively, you can create a PDF and upload it.

Text in a mirror

Text: Checking and Check!

Besides that, during the creation of the mirror's layout, a character may vanish, shift, or sentences can break off illogically. For this reason, we sent you a digital sample of your order, and we will not move forward unless you approve for production!


Copyright regulations can govern any image or text. By uploading images or text to our website, the person doing so is legally confirming that they are the original creator of the image or text or that they are legally entitled to its use and have not violated copyright regulations.



Therefore, Mirror-Engraving accepts no legal responsibility or liability for any third party’s actions, should copyright be challenged, at any time in the future. If so, we will forward any claim to the person that placed the order.