Laser Engraved versus Etched Mirror

One of the most asked questions by our customers is, “What is the difference between Laser Engraving and Mirror Etching?

The answer is simple. With mirror etching, the front side of the (mirror) glass is altered, while with laser engraved mirrors, the laser beam processes the reflective back side of the mirror.

Despite this simple answer, in reality, the final result in the mirror is uncomparable.

Etched mirrors - Art from the past

Mirror Etching is an ancient technique to create a frosted look on glass.

To create the frosted look, you can use a sharp object (engraving needle), a chemical substance (chemical etching), or sand (sandblasting).

As a result, the glass lost its transparency, and the silver reflective layer of the mirror is not visible anymore.

Picture: Thanks to b.a.t.’s crafts

Laser Engraved

You can’t compare a Laser Engraved Mirror with an etched mirror. In reality, it is a whole new concept in a mirror with an enchanting result.

In detail, with modern laser technology, we burn tiny holes through the reflective silver layer of the mirror.

Besides that, our engineers found a way to control the power of the laser beam. As a result, on pixel-level, we control the amount of energy that the laserbeam fires onto the back surface of the mirror. This causes us to create grayscale pixels.

Because we do this with laser-precision, we can build-up any image (pictures, logo, drawings, etc.) or vector-based text pixel by pixel.

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After we’ve found this unique way of laser engraving, we focused on the mirror itself. We developed a new type of mirror that maximizes the final result of your engraving. High clarity glass, combined with copper-free double-layered backsides, guarantees the best possible laser result you have ever seen!

We etch our mirrors to perfection. On top of that, we personalize them with your own content. This can be a photo, logo, text, or any combination of all. That is why our mirrors deliver the WOW, and that makes it the perfect gift for any occasion.

As a matter of fact, it is that touching gift for the birth of a newborn. Excellent to give for a wedding or wedding anniversary and more than treasured as a retirement gift or keepsake.