Etched Mirror vs Laser Engraved Mirror - A Unique Gift!

Etched Mirror - Art from the past

The most common technique to make a regular Etched Mirror is by sandblasting or to cover the glass side with acid.

Because of that the glass side becomes "white" and non-reflective.

Therefore etched parts of the glass have no transparency or clarity (reflection). That is why we often call them etched or frosted mirrors.

Picture etched mirror,
thanks to b.a.t.'s crafts

Laser Engraved Mirror

Firstly, our Laser Engraved Mirror bears no comparison with an Etched Mirror! Our unique laser technology allows us to etch any image or text through the back layer of the mirror.

As a result the glass side of a Laser Engraved mirror remains intact, therefore the mirror keeps it's full reflection. More beautiful to look at and easier to clean.


Photo Mirror as Memento

Due to this laser technique we are able to etch any Photo, Logo or Text into our mirrors at an unprecedented quality.

Secondly is the fact that we have an excellent team trained to optimize your picture. Finally, the result will always be a timeless black & white engraving, etched to the best effect.

All of that, makes it the #1 memento for any occasion!

The Gift to Suit any Occasion

This laser etched mirror is the perfect gift for parents of a  newborn, a birthday, sweet sixteen or bar mitzvah. For graduation, wedding and anniversary opportunities. As a Military Gift, Retirement Gift or for Corporate Recognition!

Enchanting In Memoriam

Have you ever lost a pet or a loved one? Imagine their picture forever in one of our mirrors alongside the reflection of yourself every time you look into it!

Imagine your thoughts and ideas permanently brought into reality ... this is what our mirrors do!

They remind you, they reflect you. Every time you look into our mirror, there is the confrontation with yourself and your choice of engraving.

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