Terms of Delivery

We make a very unique product that is truly customized to the wishes of our clients. Our customers tell us that due to the great emotional value they are priceless to the receiver, but the fact that our product is personalized and unique, it means that from the moment the mirror is produced, we can resell it to any other customer.

For this reason, our products are non-returnable. Production begins the moment we have your full approval on the layout and your payment has been received.

We are well known for our customer service and friendliness, but above all we are a certified webshop. This means that your interests, payment, privacy and security are always guaranteed and well taken care of.

To make the product to your complete satisfaction we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, alongside the following rules and regulations:

  1. We will send by email a digital preview impression within 3 business days of receiving your order and details (picture, logo, text, etc).

  2. This gives you the opportunity to inspect and approve the digital preview. If you would like any layout or text changes, reply to us using the email in which we sent you the impression and describe the changes you would like us to make. We will make the adjustments and repeat this step until you are completely satisfied with your digital preview.
    Please note! We do not check text for mistakes and/or spelling.

  3. This is your final opportunity to cancel the order for any reason. If you have already paid via any of our direct payments (Credit card/PayPal) we will refund your money within 30 days.

  4. If you are satisfied with the digital preview of your order, just reply on the latest received e-mail, tell us you agree and that we can continue with production. After we have confirmed that your payment has been received in full, we will produce your order and ship it within 3 business days.

  5. We will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee that the layout of your mirror is exactly the same as the last digital preview that you approved. If for some unfortunate reason there is a difference in layout, please take a picture of the mirror and send us an e-mail. Attach the picture along with the latest digital preview that you had approved to the email and please specify where the differences occur. If this is our error and your mirror does not match the latest approved digital preview, we will ship you a replacement mirror within 5 business days, free of charge.

  6. The exception to rule #5 is “Additional Colours”. We strongly advise you to read the “Colour Engraving” in the menu “More Information” of our website before you place your order. For colour engravings, we depend on a special quality spray paint where colours may vary slightly in shade.

  7. We ship our mirrors in a very unique package and glass breakage is extremely rare. In the unlikely event that your mirror does arrive damaged or broken, do not worry. All our products are shipped with a 100% glass breakage insurance policy. All risks of shipping are on our side until the moment the shipment is delivered. All claims must be filed within one business day after delivery. Just go to our website to find the “I Received a Damaged Order.” In the menu “More Information” follow all the instructions. If you do receive a damaged product, and fulfilled all given steps, we will ship a replacement within 5 business days after we received confirmation from our shipper. A replacement mirror is free of charge (mirror + shipping).

  8. In some cases (rush orders, high priority, birth, wedding, etc), to help expedite an order, we reserve the right to alter the above regulations by shipping an order before full payment has been received. In the event that we do this, the customer is still obligated to accept the order and in no way can this lead to non-payment.

  9. We only ship by certified carriers and/or couriers. Shipping rules will apply according to the carrier that was chosen for your delivery. We are not responsible for errors and/or neglect by the selected carrier or partners.

  10. Any images or text can be governed by copyright regulations. As such,  Mirror-Engraving assumes that any images or text uploaded to the site is free of any copyright restrictions. By uploading images or text to the site, the person doing so, is legally confirming that they are the original creator of the image or text or that they are legally entitled to its use, and as such have not violated copyright regulations. Mirror-Engraving accepts no legal responsibility for the actions of any third party, should copyright be challenged, at any time in the future.

  11. Mirror-Engraving reserves all rights to use materials provided to create samples on its own website(s) and for advertising purposes. By placing your order, you will automatically give your permission to the above. If you have any concerns about this, please notify us in the "Engraving Instructions" section.

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