Terms of Delivery: Introduction

Please read our Terms of Delivery carefully before you place an order with us.

We make a unique product that we fully customize to the wishes of our clients. Our mirrors have great emotional value and are priceless to the receiver.

Because of that uniqueness, it is also a product that we can’t resell to any other customer. For this reason, our products are non-returnable.

To ensure that the final product matches your expectation, we work with a digital sample that needs your approval. Final production starts the moment you approve the digital sample.

On top of that, we are a certified webshop. So your interests, payment, privacy, and security are always guaranteed and well protected.

To make the product to your complete satisfaction, we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, alongside the following rules and regulations:

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Terms of Delivery

1. Order

With a regular order (Laser Engraved Mirrors & New Born Baby Gifts), our creative team will make you a digital sample within three business days. Therefore it is essential that you check your e-mail regularly within the first three business days.

A Mirror of Moments is a different concept. See the “Mirror of Moments: How does it work” section on this link: What is a Mirror of Moments for more information.

2. Digital Sample & Revision

In this stage, you need to check the digital sample. Please note that we do not check text for mistakes and/or incorrect spelling!

Besides that, during design, we may need to reformat your text. Because of that, characters may disappear accidentally.

If you need any changes (text or layout), reply to the e-mail and describe the requested changes. Based upon your directions, the team will make a new revision within two business days.

There are no extra additional charges up to 4 revisions. After that, we charge $ 15,00 per revision.

Please be aware that revisions might affect the total production time of your order!



2. Cancellation

If you are not satisfied with the sample or with our service, this is the final opportunity to cancel your order without any consequences.

To do so, reply by e-mail and tell us that you would like to cancel the order. Please be aware that if you requested more than four revisions before you decide to cancel your order, we charge you $ 15 for each additional correction.

If you already fulfilled the payment, we will refund your money within 30 days.

3. Production

If you are satisfied with the digital sample, reply to the e-mail and tell us that you approve so that we can move forward to production.

When you already fulfilled payment, we produce, pack, and ship your order within the next three business days following your approval. If not, we will send you a payment request by e-mail and postpone production until you fulfilled the payment.

In case you opted for a priority order, we will handle terms 1 through 4 within two business days.

4. 100% Layout guarantee

We guarantee you 100% that the mirror’s layout is exactly the same as the last digital sample that you approved. If not, take a picture of the mirror, attach it to an e-mail and point us out the difference. If this is our error and your mirror does not match the latest approved digital sample, we will ship you a replacement mirror within 5 business days.

A replacement mirror is free of charge (mirror + basic shipping).

6. Packaging & Glass breakage

We ship our mirrors in unique packaging, and glass breakage is extremely rare (1 out of 350 shipping’s). However, and despite our excellent care, it is glass that we ship worldwide, so there is always a chance that you are number 350.

If so, go to “I Received a Damaged Order” on our website and follow all instructions. When you fulfilled all three required steps and filed a valid claim with us, your replacement mirror is free of charge (mirror + basic shipping).

7. Terms of Delivery by third-parties

How much we would like it, but unfortunately, we are not able to deliver your mirror ourselves. For shipping, we have to rely on the expertise and care of selected and certified third parties.

Therefore, the delivery conditions of the chosen carrier (and/or it’s network partners) automatically and legally apply to our Terms of Delivery.

Mirror Engraving is not responsible for errors or negligence or late delivery of the selected carrier (and/or it’s network partners). No matter if this is a result of human error or force majeure.

8. Copyrights

Copyright regulations can govern any image or text. By uploading images or text to our website, the person doing so is legally confirming that they are the original creator of the image or text or that they are legally entitled to its use and have not violated copyright regulations.

Therefore, Mirror-Engraving accepts no legal responsibility or liability for any third party’s actions, should copyright be challenged, at any time in the future. If so, we will forward any claim to the person that placed the order.