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In 2004, Debbie Buter owned a little gift shop in the Netherlands (Holland). Debbie’s Giftshop specialized in engraving and etching of glass and mirrors by hand.

After a while, Debbie turned her giftshop into a successful local business. In addition to her store, Debbie also starts with selling her engraving services online.

But suddenly there was a change in Dutch environmental law. From that moment, it was no longer allowed to etch with “etching chemicals.”

Besides that, online sales also caused a lot more business. And after many sleepless nights, Debbie finally decided to buy a small Laser Engraving machine.

One day, while exploring her new laser machine, totally by accident, they made a revolutionary discovery. Because of this discovery, they were able to laser engrave real pictures in a mirror. A mirror in such brilliant quality that it was almost enchanting. Laser engraved with details as they had never seen before. She named it a “LaserSpiegel,” which means “Laser Mirror” in Dutch.

On the positive side, all of a sudden online sales started “out of the blue.” But a point often overlooked by starters is shipping. Although many webshops ship all kinds of items all over the world, sending a fragile mirror is something else! But, Debbie’s dad came up with a great idea that we still use up to the present time.

LaserSpiegel & Dutch TV

In 2005, Debbie decided to create a themed webshop for her “Laser Spiegels” and started her first website, www.LaserSpiegel.nl.

Two years later, in 2007, one of Debbie’s clients was a famous Dutch TV host Carlo Boszhart. Because Debbie was a fan of Carlo, she surprised him with a laser engraved mirror. In this mirror, a picture of Carlo and his mom.

During a segment of the Mother’s Day broadcast of a Dutch TV show called “Life & Cooking,” Carlo surprised Debbie. In just 25 seconds, Carlo showed the mirror to his audience. As a matter of fact, his exact words; “this will be the greatest gift for Mom” on Mothersday.

However, the mirror was tough to see on television, because the cameraman zoomed in on the mirror. For the most part, the mirror reflected the black studio ceiling, making it hard to see the image.

But the fact that Carlo mentioned it on television as “the greatest gift for mom,” was surprisingly more than enough advertising.


Our Laser Mirror at Dutch Television

From LaserSpiegel to Mirror Engraving and beyond

Now that customers are delighted with the unique service and the mirrors’ quality, it became time to explore beyond Holland. Therefore, by the end of 2011, Debbie launched her first international website: www.mirror-engraving.com. This website is explicitly focusing on sales in the North American market.

After that, in the following years, www.spiegel-gravieren.de (German), www.mirror-engraving.co.uk (United Kingdom), www.gravuremiroir.com (French) and www.espejograbado.com(Spanish) followed. 

To guarantee communication with customers, a local agent represents each foreign country. So, in fact, a local representative will answer in case a customer has a question.

Mirror Engraving - United Kingdom

Mrs. Miriam Gould is the local representative for the United-States. Miriam operates her agency from Stuart in Florida.

Local business hours are:
Monday – Friday: 12:00 – 20:00
Saturday : 12:00 – 18:00
Sunday : 12:00 – 17:00 (Time zone: GMT).
Contact details: Phone# +44 (0)7597-949490 Postal address:
43 Mitchellbrook Way Neasden, London NW10 8PD
E-Mail: info@mirror-engraving.co.uk


All our mirrors are produced solely in the Netherlands, and we ship worldwide. Due to our unique packaging, we only have a 0.25% chance of glass breakage. Besides that, we ship all of our mirrors insured. So, in the unlikely event that a mirror does arrive broken, a replacement mirror will be sent without any additional costs. This on the condition of a valid claim by the customer. For more information, see Damaged order.

Mirror Engraving - Headquarters

Finally, If you need to contact our headquarters in the Netherlands, please check the time difference first.

Local business hours are:

Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 20:00
Saturday, 10:00 – 17:00

(Time zone: GMT-1 Amsterdam).

Mirror-Engraving Headquarters  in the Netherlands

Postal address:
Margrietstraat 1
1141 ET Monnickendam

Phone# +31-299-397-379

E-Mail: info@mirror-engraving.com

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