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In 2004, Debbie Buter owned a little gift shop in the Netherlands (Holland) that specialized in engraving and etching of glass and mirrors by hand. She turned this little shop into a successful business known as “Debbie’s Giftshop”. Besides her own store in Purmerend, she started a website that offered her engraving services over the internet.

logo debbies giftshop

Because it was hard for people to find a good engraver in the Netherlands, the web shop was very successful and the decision was made to start with an engraving machine, instead of hand made engravings. After many sleepless nights, Debbie decided to buy a small Laser Engraving machine and in addition to regular glass engraving, she added also traditional etched mirrors to the web shop.

One day, while exploring her new laser machine, totally by accident and due to sickness of her husband, she discovered something revolutionary which resulted in a crystal clear black & white picture being lasered into a mirror. In a way never seen before, with a quality that was superior to any etched mirror and looked almost enchanting. She named it a "LaserSpiegel", which means "Laser Mirror" in Dutch.

In 2005, Debbie decided to create a themed web shop for her "Laser Spiegels" and started her first website "www.LaserSpiegel.nl".

In 2007 one of Debbie's Giftshop clients was Dutch famous RTL4 TV host Carlo Boszhart. Because Debbie was a fan of Carlo, she gave him one of her laser engraved mirrors with a picture of Carlo and his mom.

logo laserspiegel

During a segment of the Mother's Day broadcast of the Dutch TV show called "Live and Cooking", and as a total surprise, Carlo showed the mirror on Dutch TV. In just 25 seconds, Carlo named the mirror and told his audience that this would be "the greatest gift to present to Mom" on Mothers day.

The mirror was very hard to see on television, because as the cameraman zoomed in on the mirror, it reflected off the studio audience and black studio ceiling, making it hard to see the image.

But the fact that Carlo mentioned it on television as "the greatest gift to mom", was more than enough advertising and it has been raining orders ever since.

Our Laser Mirror at Dutch Television
(spoken language: Dutch)

In Holland, LaserSpiegel has two (themed) websites and our customers are very pleased with the unique service and the quality of our laser mirror products. In 2011, LaserSpiegel started to explore beyond Holland. By the end of the year, the first international (English) website www.mirror-engraving.com was launched, followed in the spring 2012 with a German website. After that followed by UK, French and Spanish websites.

Each foreign country is represented by their own local agent who will take care of the local customers and answers all of their questions.

United Kingdom:
Mirror-Engraving is represented in the United Kingdom by Anita Weller. Anita is operating her agency from Neasden, London.

Local business hours are:
Monday - Friday: 12:00 - 20:00
Saturday : 12:00 - 19:00
(Time zone: UTC).

Contact details:
Phone# 07597 949490

Postal address:
43 Mitchellbrook Way
Neasden, London NW10 8PD

E-Mail: info@mirror-engraving.co.uk

All mirrors are produced solely in Holland and shipped worldwide. This is easily done because of our unique packaging. All mirrors are shipped with 100% glass breakage insurance. So, in the very unlikely event that a mirror does arrive broken, customers will receive a new shipment at no additional cost.

Contact Headquarters:
If you need to contact our headquarters, please notice
that we are located in Holland - Europe.

Local business hours are Monday - Friday, 10am - 8pm
(Time zone: UTC+1 Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris).

Mirror-Engraving Headquarters Holland:
Margrietstraat 1
1141 ET  Monnickendam
Netherlands                         (+31) 299 39 73 79
E-Mail: info@laserspiegel.nl

Mirror-Engraving.com is a part of LaserSpiegel.nl in the Netherlands and is incorporated into the Chamber of Commerce NW-Holland under license 37113982, tax certificate NL0959-24-300-B.01

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