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Mirror Engraving - The gift that suits any occasion

At Mirror Engraving, we often hear that it isn’t that easy to find a gift for that one particular moment.

Especially if its a gift for a friend or family member’s birthday. For the birth of a newborn, a wedding, or any other gift-giving occasion. Altogether, finding the right item to give to someone can feel like quite a challenge.

Therefore, your challenge stops here! Because a laser engraved mirror is the most enchanting personalized gift to give, and above all, it suits any gift-giving occasion.

Why choose Mirror Engraving?

  • Significantly: It's a Unique Gift
  • Suits any gift-giving occasion
  • Free design by our creative team
  • As seen on TV - FOX32 - Gift Insider
  • Digital sample for approval before final production

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A unique personalized gift in a Mirror

There is no other gift similar to our Laser Etched Mirrors. In other words and without a doubt, this will be the most enchanting gift you will ever give or see!

Because, every time you look into one of our mirrors, there is a confrontation with yourself and your choice of engraving. As a matter of fact, this is what our mirrors do. They remind you, they reflect you!

Therefore, we at Mirror Engraving always tell our customers, “just wait until you experience the WOW of the final result.”

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Mirror Engraving: A Revolutionary Discovery

Due to modern laser techniques, we can etch any Photo, Logo, or Text into our mirrors. The actual mirror engraving is done through the back layer of the mirror.

As a result, the glass side will not be frosted and remains intact. Therefore the mirror keeps its full reflection (see: Laser Engraved vs Etched Mirror).

Most remarkable is the story behind mirror engraving and our mirrors. Born out of pure luck, but most importantly, made with passion and love.

Watch the video about a revolutionary discovery at probably one of the worse episodes in the creator’s life.

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Testimonials - What Our Clients Say

Blown away...................After the initial discussions with Mirror Engraving (Debbie) I was so happy with the level of customer service I received. I wanted a wedding table plan etched into a mirror. Debbie and her team transformed my ideas into something of beauty. I received an email from Debbie everyday letting me know progress. When the mirror turned up I un-packed it the mirror and design work blew both me and my wife to be away. I am still in shock over the quality, service and shipping. Thanks for contributing to making our special day even better
Mike Wakeford
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