How do I order?

Using our step-by-step ordering system, it's easy to place your order online and get help along the way.

Step 1 - Select type of Mirror
On our home page, or through the "Engraved Mirrors" option in the top menu, select a type of mirror that suits your needs. Click the "More Information" button to open product view.


Mirror Engraving awesome

Step 2 – Specify your options
In product view you can configure your mirror by selecting specific options like shape, size, etc. If you have a question about a specific option, click the blue help icon in front of each option line. This will activate a pop-up screen that explains the chosen option.

During this step in the ordering process, you can also enter text to engrave, select a font, upload files (images, pictures, etc) and enter engraving instructions, etc. If you need more time to find suitable images or, if you have more than three files to upload, click the blue help icon in front of the upload option and read the section "Upload by WeTransfer.


Step 3 - Checkout
If you are a new customer to us, just enter all fields on our one page checkout screen. Fields that are marked with a little red star (*) are required fields. Previous customers just click the "Login to your account" link on the right top corner of the checkout page and enter your details.

It's just that easy to order our enchanted engraved mirrors!

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