Uploading Additional Images

If you need to resend a new image or in case you have more than three files/images to send us, please transfer them by using WeTransfer. WeTransfer is an online file-transferring platform, that takes care of transferring large files in it's original state. WeTransfer is a free service guaranteed without spam.

Transferring files with WeTransfer is very easy. Just open your webbrowser and go to http://www.wetransfer.com (or click this link).

On the WeTransfer home page you will find the upload box (see image on the right).

To upload, just follow these steps:

  • Click the button “+ Add files”. a browser window will be opened on your computer. Navigate to your file and add. Repeat this for each file you need to send us.
  • In the field “Friend's email” add our email address: info@mirror-engraving.com.
  • In the field “Your email” enter your own email address.
  • In the field “Message” enter your Order/Invoice number and add your name and address.
  • Click the button “Transfer”.


Please note:
Any images or text can be governed by copyright regulations. As such, Mirror-Engraving assumes that any images or text uploaded to the site is free of any copyright restrictions.

By uploading images or text to the site, the person doing so, is legally confirming that they are the original creator of the image or text, or that they are legally entitled to its use, and as such, have not violated any copyright regulations.

Mirror-Engraving accepts no legal responsibility for the actions of any third party, should copyright be challenged, at any time in the future.

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