Uploading additional images

For uploading additional images, we advise you to use WeTransfer.

Depending on your order, you can upload one to three images during the order process.

Some free email services (such as Hotmail, Outlook, etc.) convert your images automatically to low-resolution files. They do this to lower the amount of data over their servers.
Because the final result of your laser engraved mirror depends on the quality of the image used, we prefer to work with high-resolution photos. Therefore we ask you to use www.WeTransfer.com for uploading additional images.
So, if you need to send us more images, please read the following information carefully.


WeTransfer is a free and safe online platform that allows you uploading additional images up to 2 gigabytes per session.

Transferring files with WeTransfer is very easy. Just open your web browser and go to www.wetransfer.com or download the WeTransfer app on your phone.

To upload additional images, follow all steps below:

  • Click the “+ Add files” button.
    This will open your file explorer/finder. Navigate to an image, select, and add. Repeat this for each image that you need to send to us.
  • In the “Friends email” field, enter “info@mirror-engraving.com”.
  • In the next field, enter “your email” address.
  • Finally, in the “Message” box, enter your name, phone number, and order/invoice number.

The transfer will start by clicking the “Transfer” button.

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Please note:
Any image(s) can be governed by copyright regulations. As such, Mirror-Engraving.com assumes that any images uploaded through our website or sent to us by WeTransfer are free of any copyright restrictions.

By uploading or transferring images to us, the person doing so, is legally confirming that they are the original creator of the image or text or that they are legally entitled to its use, and as such have not violated copyright regulations.

Mirror-Engraving.com accepts no legal responsibility for the actions of any third party, should copyright be challenged, at any time in the future.