Do I have to pay upfront?

During checkout, we offer two types of Payment.

The most common is a direct payment. This is an actual payment that you do during checkout with a credit card or by Paypal.

In addition, we also offer you our E-Invoice option. If you select this option, you can checkout without making an actual payment at that moment in time.

Direct payment vs E-Invoice

To begin with, no matter which option you select to pay, within the first three business days, we handle all orders the same way. So we will schedule your order for the design, and our creative team will make you a digital sample (for more information, see: When will I receive my order).

The difference between both options comes to light after you approved your digital sample. With a direct payment option, your order will go directly into production without delay. While with an E-Invoice, we will send you a payment link first and move forward to production after your payment is verified. Please be aware that using the E-Invoice option, may result in a 2 to 3 business days delay in production.

In conclusion, we only move forward to production after you fully paid for your order. The only difference between both payment options is the fact that with an E-Invoice you first receive a digital sample of your order before you pay.



Our mirrors are nonreturnable. The reason for that is that we make a unique product that we customize 100% to our clients’ wishes. As a result of that, it is no longer an item we can sell to any other customer.

To guarantee that your order suits your thoughts completely, we work with a digital sample that needs your approval before we move forward to the final production of your mirror.

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