Mirror of Moments

We are proud to introduce our “Mirror of Moments”. This unique mirror concept is being introduced to the United Kingdom by Mirror-Engraving.

This "Mirror of Moments" would be an inspirational touch for any significant moment in your life.

The basic concept of the “Mirror of Moments” uses a combination of handwritten texts and a picture that captures that special moment.  "Mirror of Moments" is the most enchanted, precious and emotional gift you can ever give or receive.

This makes the perfect addition for remembering moments like a birth, baby shower, graduation, marriage, anniversary, retirement, memorial, sympathy and many other special occasions.

Traditional guest book for receptions

How does it work?
Ordering a Mirror of Moments is just as easy as ordering any mirror on our website.

Just follow these steps:

  • Choose your mirror shape & size, click "Add to Cart" and finish your order.
  • Within two days we will send you our "Mirror of Moments Kit" by postal mail.
  • When you receive the MoM-Kit, ask family members, friends, colleagues, or anyone celebrating the occasion, to write a special note for “that Moment”.
  • Return the MoM-Kit to us in the included self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • When we receive it back, we will use a little magic to create your enchanted "Mirror of Moments" and ship it within 6 weeks

Mirror of Moments Kit
The MoM-Kit contains fiber-tip pigment pens, a number of specially prepared paper sheets that will fit around the size of the selected mirror, and a self-addressed envelope.  All of this comes together in a hard plastic case used to store and return your precious memories.

The number of sheets you'll receive depents on the size of the mirror you ordered. Please note that the sheets can only be written on one side of the paper.

It does'nt matter in which order everyone has written down their reflective thoughts on the specially prepared paper.

When we process your returned sheets, we will digitally cut out each text block. Then we can adjust, scale, rotate and edit each block anyway we like to make it fit into your mirror and to make your enchanted “Mirror of Moments" a precious keepsake for years to come.

Picture on the left
An original Mirror of Moments sheet as we received it from one of our clients. Everybody has written some texts on the sheet.

Picture on the right
Same sheet, after our specialists used some digital magic each text block has cut out, scaled and re-arranged to create a whole new perspective.

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