The "Instruction" field is only for what it says "instructions." So here you give directions for our team, in case you have some specific thoughts.

Do you have an idea about the design, layout, text size, or do you want a specific font? Whatever your instructions are, just let us know!

Instructions? Please be clear!

Often we receive instructions like "slightly bigger or big, small, or smaller." With instructions like that, it is hard for the team to understand the instruction. Because, what is the definition of "something or big, small or smaller"?

For example, let's say that the mirror you selected is a 30 by 40-centimeter mirror (12 by 16 inches). When you need one big word in the mirror, a clear instruction will be "center the word 30 centimeter wide in the absolute middle of the mirror".

Now that's an explicit instruction that we understand correctly!