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“When will I receive my order?” is one of the most heard questions.

The answer is simple, because its our company policy to ship all our orders within five business days.

However, to achieve this, we need your cooperation! With this in mind, let us focus now on the production phase.

The first business day, after we received your order, we will assign it to a member of our creative team.

Based on your order details, the team member will create a digital sample within two business days.

This digital sample will be sent to you for approval by email on the third business day.

Please do realize that if it takes you a couple of days to respond or need several revisions, this delay will add to the total production time required to manufacture the mirror.

After we received your approval, we plan your order for production.

Within the two remaining business days, we produce, pack, and ship your order.

In conclusion, please check your email regularly during the first three business days once you placed your order with us!

Shipping your order:

All our mirrors are laser engraved in the Netherlands (Holland). From here, we ship to our customers all over the world.

For shipping, we use MyParcel. MyParcel is a division of PostNL (the premium and #1 postal-company in the Netherlands).

In foreign countries, PostNL uses a global network of premium network partners worldwide.

The PostNL network-partner for the United States is USPS.

PostNL: First phase of shipping

When we ship your order, PostNL takes care of the first part of the journey. The moment we create a shipping label, your order will get its first PostNL-status: “Shipment is expected, but not yet in sorting process.” The second update, “Shipment is at PostNL,”  is after pick-up. Once it received the first sorting facility, the status will show “Shipment sorted.”

By the time your order arrives at PostNL international distribution center on Schiphol airport, PostNL will prepare it for international shipping. At the same time, the PostNL system will create a record in the USPS tracking system to notify them that they can expect your package. From this moment on, your order also appears in the USPS tracking system with status “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment.”

Now that your package is booked on a freight carrier and transferred to the USPS system, it will get its last scan in the Netherlands. Status is finally showing: “Sent to the country of destination.”

Tracking the first part can be done here: International parceltracking by PostNL

U.S. Customs & Border protection

Although the order arrived in the United States, this is the most confusing part of the journey. Because the PostNL tracking page shows “Sent to the country of destination.” while the USPS tracking page is still showing “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment.”

Due to homeland security safety regulations, U.S. customs does not release any information about the whereabouts of any package entering the USA. So no details are released about the airport of arrival or any further information. On top of that, they may put aside any package, or container, for inspection, without any notification.

In other words, as long as U.S. customs haven’t cleared the package, your order doesn’t receive a new status, and both tracking systems will be pointing at each other. Usually, this status takes 2 – 5 business days. That is why we communicate 5 – 10 business days for basic shipping.

However, formally U.S. customs can hold it up to 30 business days, without any notification. In such a case, there is nothing that we can do to speed things up.

USPS: Domestic delivery

Once U.S. customs releases the package, they hand it over to the USPS facility on the airport of arrival. Here it gets the first scan on American soil: “Processed Through Facility ISC [city name] (USPS).”, followed by “Inbound Into Customs” and “Inbound Out of Customs.”

Now the package is the possession of USPS; status updates follow frequently, and the tracking history will be visible in the USPS tracking system. Here you can opt to receive Text & Email updates or make a delivery appointment.

Under normal circumstances, the average shipping time from our production facility to delivery at your place will be between 5 and 10 business days.

However, this is not a guarantee. In busy periods like the Holiday season, Valentine’s or Mothersday, U.S. customs have a lot of packages to process, which might cause a delay.

Tracking the final part can be done here:
USPS Tracking

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