Mounting Kit

For mounting, we use a so-called "blind mirror mounting kit". We call this "blind" because, with this system, you cannot see how the mirror is attached to the wall.

Depending on if you select model E04 or model E08, the kit contains one or two flat steel self-adhesive hanging plates, eccentric disc(s), screw(s), plug(s), and two spacer Pads (white adhesive).

Mounting kit - Model E04

Model E04

Comes with one flat steel self-adhesive hanging plate. Therefore it is suitable for mirrors up to 16" (40cm). In other words, you can order model E04 for the following mirror sizes:

Square & round mirrors sizes: 8" (20 cm), 12" (30 cm), 16" (40 cm)
Rectangle mirror sizes: 8"x12" (20x30 cm), 12"x16" (30x40 cm).

Model E08

For our mirrors of 16" (40 cm) and up, you need model E04. This mounting kit comes with two flat steel self-adhesive hanging plates. Therefore it suits mirror sizes:

16" x 20" (40x50 cm), 16" x 24" (40x60 cm), 20"x24" (50x60 cm) and 24"x24" (60x60 cm).